Why I Tri – Just Keep Swimming

“Just keep swimming” I tell myself or “1-2-3-breathe.” That’s when I’m alone, in the lane, listening to music, and bored staring at the bottom of the pool.

Last weekend was different. Jared and I are taking a swim clinic to learn how we can improve our swimming. I found myself at the front of the pack of our swimming pace line; then I was at the end; then I was in the middle. I’ve never been part of a swimming pace line, or any pace line for that matter, but the bubbles formed by the lady’s feet in front of me made it hard to see her feet. I didn’t want to get kicked in the face (even though I was more likely to kick someone in the face), so I slowed down and at one point, the woman in front of me was so slow that I was just floating.

I learned a little bit about my swimming from our first class:

  • I’m competitive (already knew that).
  • When I swim with my eyes closed for the entire length of the pool I veer off to the left (I think it’s because we were really close to the right side of the wall and I didn’t want to bump my head against it).
  • I’m the youngest in the class.
  • Sharp turns next to another swimmer is tough and I’ll kick my way through.

This wasn’t a cheap clinic, so I really hope that the next class I learn how to improve my stroke and speed.


I talk to myself out loud.

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