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Wet Rides

Colorado weather. Let’s talk about it. It’s unpredictable, nasty, cruel; one minute you’re thinking this is going to be some of the best weather you’ve experienced: blue skies, perfect temperature like Little Red Riding Hood’s porridge. Then all of a sudden, like the wolf, it’s creeping up behind you and you’re feeding porridge to a…


Something Tickles

We traversed many a great cities on our bike ride on Saturday: we started in Lakewood, took the Platte down to C470, up to Parker, into Denver, then over to Thornton and back down the Platte River. As it usually goes with Jared, we didn’t follow the map and ended up doing 12 more miles…


Perfect Timing at Deer Creek

Jared shows me the mountain-like graph and tells me, “This will be our elevation gain.” We were going to tackle Deer Creek Canyon. I felt the regret rise in my throat, like swallowing a wish bone, hoping it’d snap in half and I’d be able to breathe again. The route looked rough and Jared confirmed…

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