Wet Rides

Colorado weather. Let’s talk about it. It’s unpredictable, nasty, cruel; one minute you’re thinking this is going to be some of the best weather you’ve experienced: blue skies, perfect temperature like Little Red Riding Hood’s porridge. Then all of a sudden, like the wolf, it’s creeping up behind you and you’re feeding porridge to a snaggle-tooth imposter. Enough of the analogies.

2014-06-22 11.02.15Jared and I started out last weekend in Idaho Springs. Our plan: ride from Idaho Springs to the base of Loveland Pass. And if we were really feeling it, we were going to ride up Loveland Pass. This was Jared’s plan. I gave it a good chuckle and a do-you-really-think-all-this-is-going-to-happen-today face.

We started really late due to Jared working overnights and my staying up late. We were on our bikes around 1030. This is probably when we should have been hitting the base of Loveland. The weather wasn’t bad when we started, one of those Perfect Weather Days. The changed very, very fast.

The wind started picking up and the ominous clouds rolled in. Not only did I have to watch for the cars zooming past, but I waited for those clouds to bring the rain. It was uphill the whole, damn way.

It started sprinkling. I hoped really hard the rain would stay at bay. Finally, it started getting cool enough I regretted not bringing a coat and pants. We were about four miles away from the base of Loveland and it grew colder and the rain started picking up.

We decided it wasn’t worth making it to the base if that also meant riding back in a torrential downpour. We turned around, excited to finally pedal downhill.

The rain picked up and the wind grew stronger, I know I sound like Old Man and the Sea or something. It was pretty sketchy coming back, what, with the cars not wanting to give us the legal space of three feet. I waited for the wind to sweep my wheels from underneath me and slam my body to the ground, and then, of course, a car will crush me.

About five miles or so from the car, it was a proper downpour. It was miserable. I was cold and soaking-fucking-wet. No one stopped to see if we wanted a drive back, which I guess, you can’t trust strangers, so why would they want to risk two idiots on their bikes in their car? Also, not many people can easily fit another two people and two bikes.

Have we learned our lesson? We need to start early in the day. Easier said than done. That means an early Friday or Saturday night. Sometimes worth it though, like last Sunday. Woulda been worth going to sleep early, so I could have met the base.





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