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Picking a Team or Club

‘Tis the season to find a team either for your first time or your 22nd. Applications are opening and recruiting is in full force. If this is your first time, it’s intimidating. There’s a ton of information, but no real concise way to use it practically. I remember when I decided to join a team,…


Jessica’s 2016 Results

Here are the notable rides and races I participated in this year. Karen Hornbostel Time Trial Series 04/06/2016: 6th place – 28:23.9 04/13/2016: 6th place – 28:01.0 04/20/2016: 5th place – 19:59.232 04/27/2016: 7th place – 28:20.285 05/04/2016: 8th place – 28:01.720 05/12/2016: 5th place – 26:52.616 05/18/2016: 7th place – 27:26.0   Colfax Half Marathon…


Century Ride Nutrition – Fat Style

I will start off this post with a warning; my nutritional approach differs greatly from the norm. You might be very surprised with what I suggest, and even more surprised how well it actually works. I don’t suggest anyone try a new approach without testing well before the day of the event, but I do…

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