Monthly Archives: March 2016


The Great Aerobic Ketogenic Experiment: Week Two

Wow, two weeks into the great aerobic ketogenic experiment! The entire process as been extremely informative. Other than sore fingers from the constant glucose monitoring, the testing is going well. Preliminary results are gonging the way of my hypothesis. I’m getting faster and becoming more ketogenic. There have been a few abnormal results in my…


Why I Tri – Just Keep Swimming

“Just keep swimming” I tell myself or “1-2-3-breathe.” That’s when I’m alone, in the lane, listening to music, and bored staring at the bottom of the pool. Last weekend was different. Jared and I are taking a swim clinic to learn how we can improve our swimming. I found myself at the front of the pack…


Why I Tri – Windsurfing

As Jared and I pedaled toward Lookout Mountain, it felt like we were windsurfing – except we were on bikes, on gravel, with helmets, dodging cars. I wanted to stop and just go home. Throw up my “fuck it” arms and do something safe inside. Hop on the ol’ trainer and watch Netflix. No wind….

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