Race Anecdotes: Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial

Last year I was lucky enough to work from home and therefore, could easily leave my house to get to Cherry Creek Reservoir on time for my race. This year I was even luckier – I have a job 6 miles away from Cherry Creek Reservoir. That was my warm-up to the start.

Too bad I totally missed my start time on the first race.

I was so busy focused on trying to enjoy cycling and not take the race so seriously, that my warm-up and ho-hummery distracted me from my start time. I had one minute left to get to the start as I raced down the road. I pulled up. My time had already been called: “296! 296! I’m here!” I thought I was done for. I was about to call it a day and drag my sorry ass to my car.

But then the referee yelled at me, “Just go!”

I booked it. I rode harder than I ever had. Gasping for air. Drooling a little. Yelling “PEDAL!!” any time I saw a teammate.

After the first debacle, I arrived 5 minutes early before my start time the other 6 races. I continually placed third. It was shocking. I didn’t expect to do that well. Over the winter I gave the Primal Endurance training plan a shot. I had the endurance, just not the race factor.

Little did I know that this third place streak would lead into my other cycling events.

I caught the podium bug. And boy it stung.


I talk to myself out loud.

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