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Reading Between the Legs

Greg The Giant pulled me for 20 miles today. All that pulling of random strangers these past four days finally gave me the karma I deserved. Greg told me he plays a “close the gap” game with people on the road. I do this too. It helps pass the time and miles. Well, Greg told…


Jessica’s 2016 Results

Here are the notable rides and races I participated in this year. Karen Hornbostel Time Trial Series 04/06/2016: 6th place – 28:23.9 04/13/2016: 6th place – 28:01.0 04/20/2016: 5th place – 19:59.232 04/27/2016: 7th place – 28:20.285 05/04/2016: 8th place – 28:01.720 05/12/2016: 5th place – 26:52.616 05/18/2016: 7th place – 27:26.0   Colfax Half Marathon…


Why I Tri – Windsurfing

As Jared and I pedaled toward Lookout Mountain, it felt like we were windsurfing – except we were on bikes, on gravel, with helmets, dodging cars. I wanted to stop and just go home. Throw up my “fuck it” arms and do something safe inside. Hop on the ol’ trainer and watch Netflix. No wind….

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