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UCAN Snack Bar Review

I’ve been a big fan of UCAN SuperStarch for a couple years now. It’s an amazing fuel that really taps into your fat metabolism for sustained fueling. I’ve rode a hundred miles using only SuperStarch as fuel and it works like a charm. So I was very excited to see that Generation UCAN was coming…


Sound Probiotics Review

Sound Probiotics makes a probiotic that is specifically developed for athletes. I first heard about Sound Probiotics while listening to Zen and the Art of Triathlon. I was in the market for a new probiotic so I decided to give them a try. I was very impressed with this supplement. Digestive health is often overlooked, but…


Triathlon Training Nutrition

Triathlon training nutrition is a complex and imperative part of preparing for the big race. Race day nutrition is one thing, but it’s what you put into your body before the race that is going to be the most important aspect. You need to keep your body fueled and happy while constantly beating it up…

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