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Why I Tri: Jessica’s 2015 Stats

I’m stats from last year’s events are essentially the same as Jared’s as we rode together, except for the Oktoberfest Triathlon.   Elephant Rock 2015 (June 7, 2015) Miles: 101.59 Duration: 06:01.26 Average speed: 16.9 mph   Triple Bypass 2015 (July 11, 2015) Miles: 118.4 Duration: 09:01:44 Average speed: 13.1 mph   Copper Triangle 2015…


Copper Triangle 2015

The Copper Triangle 2015 did not disappoint. Well, Vail Pass Eastbound kind of did. This was our first time participating¬†in the Copper Triangle, so we had not¬†expectations. I had had ridden the other direction on Ride the Rockies last year, and really enjoyed it. We had spend the night in Georgetown to get an early…

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