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The Sufferfest Indoor Cycling Training Videos

We can’t always get outside and ride our bikes around town. As we approach summer this may not seem as relevant, but sometimes a little indoor training adds some well needed variety. The Sufferfest Indoor Cycling Training Videos are an intense and entertaining way to spice up your indoor training. These videos feature a variety of professional…


Strava Cycling Review

Social validation is the new foundation of any fitness regimen. Some might find it annoying, others might find it inspirational, but at the end of the day tracking your fitness makes it easy for you to see trends and measure your progress. Strava is the ultimate in social media for cycling, find how how this Strava cycling…


Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo Fitness makes a plethora of devices and sensors for fitness enthusiasts. From a selection of heart rate monitors, to speed and cadence sensors for serious cyclists, Wahoo Fitness has more to offer than just a catchy name. Using the a smartphone as the center of the Wahoo universe, the various Wahoo (and even several third party) devices…

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