Monthly Archives: April 2015


Elephant Rock Year Two

Last year Jessica and I rode in our first Elephant Rock. We opted for the Century option and trained our little butts off to get ready. We had a simple training plan, add ten miles to our weekend rides every week. This strategy was effective, it got us through, but this year we are taking…


UCAN Snack Bar Review

I’ve been a big fan of UCAN SuperStarch for a couple years now. It’s an amazing fuel that really taps into your fat metabolism for sustained fueling. I’ve rode a hundred miles using only SuperStarch as fuel and it works like a charm. So I was very excited to see that Generation UCAN was coming…


Snap! A Broken Spoke

For the fourth weekend in a row, I headed out to conquer Lookout Mountain. The plan was to do the climb twice, but the mountain had other plans. Jessica and I set out about 9am, the air was cool, but perfect weather for riding. We cruised along making our way to Lookout Mountain. We got…

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