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soundprobiotics_navy-squareSound Probiotics

Jared is proud to be a Sound Probiotics Ambassador.

You know what it takes to train hard. Mile after mile, day after day, nothing can stop you – except you.

Without optimal health, your training could be wasted.

Leave nothing to chance on race day. Start healthy and finish strong.

The most recent scientific research has focused on the total athlete, not just what affects you on race day. Probiotics work by improving the overall health and immunity of an athlete. This enables you to train harder and perform your best while optimizing recovery.


Jared and Jessica are proud to be Team nuun Ambassadors.

nuun active hydration is an electrolyte enhanced drink tablet designed for an on-the-go lifestyle. Packed with electrolytes, light flavor, and no sugars or carbs, nuun is the perfect sports drink for any of the activities you do. Drop a nuun tablet into 16oz of water and you’re good to go.

Hydration is important whether you’re running a marathon or a marathon of errands. a consistent intake of water throughout the day is the easiest way to start living a healthier lifestyle. drinking more water everyday can lead to increased energy levels, it can support healthy body function, and can help increase the absorption of nutrients.

fb_icon_1500_v2Training Peaks

Jared and Jessica are proud to be Training Peaks Ambassadors.

Whether you want to finish first or finish for the first time, TrainingPeaks will help you meet the challenge. Set your goal, get expert guidance, train smart, and get feedback… all in one integrated web, mobile and desktop solution. Results Start Here.

Your time is valuable. With TrainingPeaks Athlete Edition you’ll train smarter, not just harder. Log your workouts; plan your season; and analyze your heart rate, power, pace and other data. Make analysis-informed training decisions and measure your progress over time using scientific tools like TSS®, the Performance Management Chart, and more. Access TrainingPeaks on iPhone, Android, or the web, and choose between a free Basic or paid Premium option.

LEGEND_ambassador_logo-01LEGEND™ Compression Wear

Jared is proud to be a LEGEND™ Compression Wear Ambassador.

The mission of LEGEND® Compression Wear is to improve the performance of every athlete—from the casual jogger to the competitive triathlete. Our sports compression socks, sleeves & apparel are designed with you in mind so you can perform at your best.

Our mission is to promote the notion that LEGENDS are created from great people, great courage and great accomplishments.

This philosophy holds true with our employees and our customers that rely on our products. Our team is devoted to total customer satisfaction through superior service, quality, performance and style.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality sports compression socks, leg sleeves and clothing so you can perform better and recover faster. One way we accomplish this goal is through the power of graduated compression technology.

It doesn’t stop there…

At LEGEND® Compression Wear we care about the health of your legs. We are proud to offer you a full-line of LEGEND LEGWEAR™ with graduated compression. Our fashionable compression line of sheers & socks are not only stylish, but also promote better blood circulation in your legs.

At LEGEND® Compression Wear we are focused on both your maximum potential as an athlete and the long-term health of your legs. This commitment provides our guiding operating principles that you can expect from our Company and Products. We mean it when we say- FOR YOUR LIFE & LEGS®. Please give us a try!

TriSports Ambassador Team

Jared is proud to be a member of the TriSports Ambassador Team.

It was the summer of 1999 and Seton Claggett was on a long training ride in the deserts of Tucson, AZ. In training for his first Ironman, he had a hard time finding a local source for triathlon equipment. After several hours of baking in the Arizona heat, Seton came up with a grand idea – start an online triathlon store. After all, if he couldn’t find all the necessities locally then there had to be others with the same predicament. This was quite a bold thought at the time, as it was the start of the dot-com bust and Seton didn’t exactly have the retail experience to run an online store (he was working on his MS in Hydrology at the time). After completing his Ironman he took that extra 20-hours a week he was putting into training and started working on the foundation of what is now In April of 2000, backed with a strong business plan, launched out of two bedrooms in the Claggett’s house.

Developing a superior customer service ethic, thanks mainly to Debbie Claggett (who was working full time to support the Claggetts and providing “after-hours” customer support), the store gained lots of traction quickly. Both Debbie and Seton understood what it took to make this work: with Seton’s background in triathlon and his understanding of the urgency in which triathletes need their gear, coupled with Debbie’s understanding of providing a great customer experience, they created the ultimate shop for triathletes.

Occupying a 32,000 sq ft facility housing a state-of-the-art retail store, warehouse, and corporate headquarters, is now supported by 25+ staff members.

FitFam Ambassador

Jared is proud to be a FitFam Ambassador.

FitFam empowers you to crush your fitness goals. Together with others, with rewards along the way.

FitFam provides virtual challenge experiences inspiring people — of all ages and athletic abilties — to live healthy and active. Participants commit to fitness goals, connect with thousands in digital communities, get exclusive event merchandise, win awards and prizes, and benefit causes.

FitFam virtual challenges allow brands to drive engagement through unique experiences, and empower their fans to become vocal and passionate brand ambassadors.

The idea of FitFam came when, after launching a social directory for runners, Jon and Don kept asking themselves, “What would be an even better way to help people be healthy and active?” After talking to hundred of users and brands, they launched their first virtual challenge.

Following several pilot events and stellar participant feedback, it was clear the opportunity was worth pursuing further. They also discovered many brands seeking innovative brand marketing solutions like FitFam to engage with customers and find new ones.

2017 Colfax Ambassador Team

Jared is proud to be a member of the Colfax Ambassador Team.

You have seen them all year around the state and country … a group of people excited to talk about running, getting active, and all things Colfax Marathon!

Say hello to the 2017 Ambassador Team! This group of enthusiastic runners engage in the community to encourage others to become active while highlighting the 7 race options at the Colfax Marathon weekend. The Colfax Marathon Ambassador Team promotes the event through social media, participating in local run groups, helping one or more of our 200+ charity partners, creating short videos to share, providing photos of being active to use in promotions, and be part of the Health and Fitness Expo, to keep the Colfax Marathon brand active in the running community. Keep an eye out for them training and racing all over Colorado, joining in your local run club runs, working with our many Charity Partners organizations, and on social media. Say hello if you see them out and about!

BlackMP Living Water

Get BlackMP Living Water!

Studies conducted by the USDA show that over-farming has led to a consistent depletion of essential minerals from the soil and our resulting food supply. So BlackMP Living Water was created. BlackMP products contain the highest quality ingredients on the market today, including USDA Certified Organic Fulvic and Humic Minerals, SBO Probiotics and Electrolytes. All of these ingredients combine to make BlackMP a truly refreshing drink and the Perfect Alternative Beverage to today’s carbonated soft drinks and sugary sports drinks. Learn more about us at

How we are different? Most mineral waters in the market right now contain ground up rocks from one or two minerals. “BlackMP has all organic ingredients, including USDA Certified Fulvic and Humic, over 77+ Essential Minerals, SBO Probiotics and Electrolytes; that when taken together, create BlackMP LIVING WATER. (MP= Minerals & Probiotics). BlackMP is the Perfect Alternative to caffeine, carbonated and sugary sports drinks.

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