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Real Talk: Saddle Sores

As cyclists, we are privy to weaker upper bodies, giant legs, and oh, saddle sores. It’s one of those things that everyone gets but never talks about although we are all aware of them. It’s like when everyone in your house is “on a diet,” but secretly everyone is sneaking into the kitchen eating sugar….



Dead. Fucking. Last. I joke about that. Have, at least. Right before the whistle blew or the counter said, “Go,” I’d joke and say, “DFL is better than DNF.” Dead Fucking Last is better than Did Not Finish. I laughed it off because I never thought that’d be me. When my teammates or people I…


Wheat Ridge Cyclery Clinic: Base Training and Nutritional Periodization

Last Sunday, January 22, I attended a Clinic at Wheat Ridge Cyclery: “Base Training and Nutritional Periodization” by Presented by Steve Acuna B.S. Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics, Metabolic Specialist and Nutrition Coach. This is what I learned: Base Training Base training is physiological training in that your focus is on increasing: Mitochondria Density Increase the…

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